"Secrets of the Desert Nymph" is available on DVD here and at Amazon.




    Divine Trinity Films has released the official poster for their film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph." The film page has also gone live on IMDB, which you can view by clicking here.




    The Carson Valley Arts Council hosted the premiere of Divine Trinity Films' new feature film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph," last night at the CVIC Hall in Minden, Nevada. The film, which played to a pretty packed house, was well-received by those in attendance, leading to a rousing applause at the end of the picture and several requests to purchase a copy of the film on DVD (check back here soon for details on how you may do this). Those that stayed after the credits ended were treated to a question & answer period with the cast and a few key crew members, who were very open about their experiences on the film. Overall, the premiere, which also included the cast and crew arriving in a procession of classic cars, was a great success and producers Donna Walden (Northern Nevada Film Factory), Brett Caron (DaVinci Design) and writer/director Bryan Caron have high hopes for the future of the film as it heads into the film festival circuit.
    Cast and crew gather at the premiere of their film, "Secrets of the Desert Nymph"
(Back Row - left to right): Bryan Caron, Brett Caron, Judy Davis Rounds, Desiree Beaumont, Matt Craugh, Elle Reyes, Tyler Cole,
Derek Woolford, Jaime Walde, Donna Walden; (Front Row - left to right): Joe Linscott, Talice Gadwill, Vincent Anderson



PRESS RELEASE: Carson Valley Arts Council Premieres Independent Film "Secrets of the Desert Nymph"


MINDEN, NV – June 20, 2012 – The Carson Valley Arts Council (CVAC) announced today that the film they sponsored as a community arts project called “Secrets of the Desert Nymph” will be premiered and screened at the CVIC Hall on Friday, September 7, 2012. The independent film, where participants learned all aspects of filmmaking, was produced as an advanced youth filmmaking workshop last October and November. The majority of the cast and crew were middle school and high school students from Carson Valley Middle School, Douglas High School, and Silver State Charter Schools and was filmed on location in Minden, Gardnerville, Carson City and Dayton, Nevada. The independent film is a collaborative production of Divine Trinity Films, the Northern Nevada Film Factoryand DaVinci Design, LLC.

The premier and screening is Friday, September 7, 2012 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the historic CVIC Hall in downtown Minden. The doors open at the CVIC at 6:00 p.m., at which time the public is invited to meet the cast and crew, who will arrive at the CVIC in a horse drawn carriage. The 90-minute film screening begins at 7:00 p.m. and following the film will be a Q&A with the producers, director and several members of the cast and crew for film enthusiasts to ask questions regarding the production. Tickets for the premier are $5 and can be purchased on the CVAC website:

“Secrets of the Desert Nymph,” was written and directed by award-winning writer Bryan Caron and produced by Donna Walden (My Necklace, Myself). It is a coming of age drama of love, loss, hope and desire as it follows several teenagers who learn about life as they mature into young adults. An inspiring, thoughtful, heartbreaking film, “Secrets of the Desert Nymph” will bring friends and familytogether through the messages of faith, ambition and serenity, opening the door to explore dreams and desires with the help of those you love and wish only the best, no matter what decisions or mistakes are made along the way. You can view the full film description, trailer and photos of the production, cast and crew at:

“We were delighted to bring this independent film production to Carson Valley. The CVAC supports many different art events, and we were interested in this project because of the rich learning opportunity for youth in our community,” said Brian Fitzgerald, President of the Carson Valley Arts Council.

Executive producer Donna Walden said, “the project was everything we hoped for and more in terms of teaching youth an art form and involving the community in a film production that is both entertaining and has a message. We believe that our community will be delighted with the result.”