Charlie's Ticket: 30-second spot for TIME WARNER CABLE
  Aired 566 times on TIME WARNER CABLE between March 19 and April 11, 2010.
Channels include MTV, USA, FX, TLC, SYFY, OXYG, BRVO, TLC, TBS & LIFE.

Directed by: Bryan Caron
Written by: Bryan Caron
Produced by: Ronald Shattuck
Director of Photography: Ronald Shattuck
1st Assistant Director: Samantha Carr
Makeup: Charlotte Smith
Editor: Bryan Caron
Camera Operators: Ronald Shattuck, Charles Shattuck
Production Assistants: Leo Romero, James Jimenez, Norman Black, Jr.
Stills Photographer: Wayne Taylor, Susana Shattuck
Graphic Design: BC Illustration & Design

Charlie: Brandon Chesney
Flower Girl: Anna-Cecilia Shattuck
Theater Thug: Norman Black
Man in Car: Tony Bowker

Thank you to:
UltraStar Cinamas
Fallbrook Historical Society
Millie's Magical Costumes

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